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As we move forward together in Canada as one unified brand, one united team, our direction is clear. We are committed to providing a single, recognizable experience that builds on our combined capabilities to deliver meaningful impact for all of our employees, customers and supply partners alike.

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As we move forward together in Canada as one unified brand, one united team, our direction is clear. We are committed to providing a single, recognizable experience that builds on our combined capabilities to deliver meaningful impact for all of our employees, customers and supply partners alike.

Paper andSpecialty Products

Paper is a Powerful Medium

Graphic Systemsand Solutions

Technology is Changing the Direction of Print

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We Help Customers Get Their Products to Market

Two days in London

Each year digital architects, pixel visionaries and curators of dreams alike, come together in iconic cities all over the world to share with us their best-kept secrets. Obsessive, passionate, scrupulous and meticulous; always creative; always brave.

Web Design

It's an uncommon gathering for those who understand and want to learn more about.


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