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Business Papers

Today, businesses rely on paper more than ever. Whether you’re shaping a new concept, designing a presentation or drafting a proposal, your thoughts become real on paper. They’re refined on paper. And when they’re ready to be shared with the world, they’re made so much clearer on paper.


Today’s office: Not so paperless after all


When it comes to introducing new concepts, studies show that we retain printed information more easily than digital information. In other words, ideas on paper stick. But today, paper needs to complement technology. And we’re committed to keeping pace with the constantly evolving office environment through our exceptional line-up of business papers.


From memos to mailings, brainstorming sessions to crucial contracts, we have a paper for every job sourced from leading manufacturers. Whether you need volume, premium quality or the right balance of the two, you can find a paper that will fit your need and budget. All delivered with exceptional service through our efficient supply chain.


And because every organization has its own sustainability plan, we have recycled grades to fit any level of commitment and we’re proud to offer a selection of forest certified papers. With responsibly maintained forests, we can help ensure that future generations enjoy a legacy of quality paper along with the woodlands that produce it.


At Spicers, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact. Click here to learn more about our sustainability program and certifications.

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Business Papers
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