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Commercial Print

Printed pieces inform and inspire millions every day: the words, the images, the tactility. In the right hands and with the right idea, one sheet of paper can become something so much more. Paper connects us to information and each other.  Rediscover the power of paper and print.


Paper is about choice


Our options range in size, thickness and colour so you never have to compromise on quality or price to get what you want, whether you’re creating brochures, posters or product packaging. But what our customers like most about our products is the satisfaction of seeing the result of countless hours of hard work come out looking truly exceptional. That’s the beauty of paper.


When you specify paper, you’re not just picking something to print on.  Paper can change the way people think, act or feel about a product or service.  Printers, agencies and brands count on us to bring their ideas to life.  The right idea will pop, command attention and drive action.  When you work with Spicers, you know you’ll get the best advice for choosing your paper.


At Spicers, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact. Click here to learn more about our sustainability program and certifications.

Commercial Print
Product Offering


Uncoated Paper
Coated  Paper
Writing, Text & Cover Papers
Graphic Packaging
Pressure Sensitive

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Custom Sheeting


A custom fit makes sense.  Custom sheeting is an innovative approach to paper buying that actually stretches the value of paper. It combines cost savings and productivity increases with natural resource efficiency. Our Custom Sheeting Centres are located in Toronto and Winnipeg.


Squeeze Principle


We call it the “Squeeze Principle”. For any job layout that doesn’t format to a standard sheet size, paper is wasted. Trim waste is discarded without ever being used, creating additional costs for businesses and their customers, and, underutilizing the value of products derived from our forests. By cutting to the ideal size of a job’s requirement from a master roll – squeezing – you are able to maximize a sheet’s printable area. This translates into real benefits for you.

Custom Sheeting Images
1. Reduce Waste

By squeezing down closer to your print area, the amount of paper waste can be reduced by as much as 30%. Shave off inches and save tons! It takes roughly four trees to make one ton of paper.

2. Reduce Cost

The “squeeze” not only reduces waste, it reduces the amount of paper you purchase. By purchasing smaller sheets compared to mill standard size, you save money yet still get the same amount of finish product. Every inch trimmed equals approximately 3% saved on paper cost!

3. Increase Productivity

Custom sheeting products are shipped on press-ready skids that can be loaded directly onto the paper lift. You increase production by limiting the amount of time spent handling the product (trimming, stacking, and restacking) and, minimize the risk of injury to employees. Improve efficiency!

Supreme and Supreme Digital
For more than 30 years Supreme has been a trusted and reliable performer on press across Canada. Whether you’re looking for a high gloss, smooth silk or an exceptional matte, Supreme is the perfect match for your print job.


Available in Gloss, Silk & Matte in Folio & Digital sizes.
Stocked in a range of 70 lb Text to 140 lb Cover.
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Pacesetter and Pacesetter Digital
Your everyday value.  The Pacesetter brand of products is committed to being the right choice for a wide range of applications. Pacesetter is trustworthy, dependable, and consistent, providing reliable products for your everyday value.


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